Best Niches on YouTube in 2022

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Are you thinking about creating your own YouTube channel and looking for the best niche? Here are the ten popular YouTube channel ideas for 2020!

YouTube has grown from a relatively an unknown site for ambitious filmmakers to the most widespread video streaming site on the planet since its launch 2005. YouTube now hosts video channels that cover every subject imaginable to man. Given the colossal number of videos that are posted on YouTube every day, you would have assumed that the chances of launching new popular channels would be far-flung. But, if you have a unique idea, you understand video marketing and analytics, with a bit of film-making flair; it is possible to launch a viral video channel on YouTube. The way to go on YouTube is to focus on a niche and its exploding terms. So, if you are looking for ideas for your YouTube channel, here are ten of the most popular niches for YouTube channels in 2020.


  1. Health and Fitness Tips

YouTube is the 1st place people nowadays go to for health and fitness tips. It is quite a popular niche with wide number of viral videos. Workout videos are very popular as more people look to watch a video rather than follow a book. If you have some personal story to go along with your workout video, than you have a viral video on your hands. Popular videos with exploding terms give you marketing potential as well. The exploding term in health for 2020 is Nicotine Patches.

  1. Computer and programming

If you have a way with gadgets and technology, this is the Niche for you. These are the skills that not everyone possesses, like being an expert at Photoshop and making “how to” videos. If you can take apart a computer, install softwares, and then there are people who would want to learn from you. Video Tutorials are smart and easy to learn from. This a great niche in 2020 with an exploding term “Blazor”.

  1. Automotive Industry

If you are an automotive junky, then this is the niche for you. People from around the globe will come to your channel for that automotive adrenaline charge. You can make a channel that reviews supercars, muscle cars or just ordinary cars as well. The exploding term for automotive niche is “Echo Auto”.

  1. Fashion & Style

Another lucrative and popular niche for YouTube is Fashion. If you have some idea about the general fashion trends, what will look good on others? Then you can start a fashion channel. You can bring thousands of viewers by the type of content you create like summer outfits ideas, how to pair your jacket etc. The exploding term in fashion for 2020 is “Scrunchies”.

  1. Finance

If you are a financial wiz and have tons of ideas about making money and investing it, then a YouTube channel that hones in on that skill is Finance. A variety of YouTubers are offering actionable tips to business entrepreneurs on how to expand their assets. Through YouTube money channels you can teach on how to maximize income and wealth over time. The trending term in finance these days is “Wallethub”.

  1. Ecotourism

Ecotourism channels cater for holiday makers in the natural habitat by providing the necessary knowledge on how not to damage the natural environment. So if you are an ecological conservationist with an interest in the outdoors. This is the niche for you. “Carbon Offset” is the latest exploding term in this category.

  1. Food

Food and Cooking is one of the most loveable and interesting channels on YouTube. If you are passionate about cooking, have a camera, then you can make cooking videos, share recipes, do food reviews. This category has all the elements to go viral. The keyword for 2020 in this category is “Plant Based”.

  1. Work From Home

A YouTube gig that will allow you to help the people who are tired of the 9 to 5 hustle is a Work from Home channel. White collar jobs nowadays are hard or they do not pay enough, so people are looking for ways to earn that extra dough. So Work from home channel can help people in this regard and in turn help you to earn more revenue through the traffic. The exploding term in this category is “Side Hustle”.

  1. Marketing

If you are good at advertising, selling and marketing a product or service to consumer, then this niche is for you. There are lots of ways you can generate revenue through the traffic, one such way is affiliate marketing. The exploding terms used in this niche are “teachable” and “thinkific”.

  1. Luxury

A luxury channel will usually show items that have exceptional value.  If you are a fan of the extravagance then this niche is for you. You can highlight products and services on your channel where the cost goes far beyond what a person usually pays for; often because of added convenience. Luxury channel can stream anything from a lipstick brand to a hotel property. The monetization potential of a properly managed YouTube channel is infinite. The exploding term of 2020 for this niche is “Everlane”.

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Best Niches on YouTube in 2022

Are you thinking about creating your own YouTube channel and looking for the best niche? Here are the ten popular YouTube channel ideas for 2020!

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