Guess What, Maine Businesses Are Behind...

Born & raised in Maine, we see the need for reputable web design that goes beyond just the looks.

Why Does It Matter?

39%+ Of GenZ Consumers...

Purchasing decisions are influenced by social media (specifically Tik Tok.)

Consumers are 6x as likely...

To make a purchase from a well-designed product page & website.

50%+ of LinkedIn Users...

Earn more than $75,000 annually.

1/3 of adults...

Regularly consume online content (specifically on Facebook.)

Online Booking & Good Marketing...

Led to 60+ booked appointments in one day for Gold Style Grooming ($3,800+)

“Blue Motivate helped me go from an employee to a successful business owner in less than a year. The clear framework they outlined gives me confidence in scaling my business and reaching even greater heights.”

What We Offer

We guarantee that our web design & marketing will lead to increased revenue in less than 12 months.


  • Works On All Devices
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fast & Secure


  • Online Booking
  • Intake Forms
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing


  • Build Loyalty
  • Create Awareness
  • Look pretty 😉

Let's Go To The Moon 🚀

We know that web design and marketing is a HUGE investment. So, let’s make the process easier to understand by revealing the value, down to the dollar, that an amazing website & marketing can bring your business…

Dog Grooming Business - Organic Case Study

The search term, “dog groomer near me” gets an average of 2,900 monthly searches, with peaks in July of 4,400, in Maine.

An average click through rate for the top 5 results of 18%.

792 potential local customers will be visiting your site JUST FROM Google search.

An average conversion rate of 5%.

~40 people will be converted to customers = an extra $2,320+ a month (average sale of $58)

Ready To Level Up?