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Through our proven frameworks, we can help you and your business achieve the maximum amount of success (plus some extra success sprinkled on top)

$40k/month to $120k/month In One Year


Solid success, but poor systems and no clear signs to scale


$120k+ months and a solid team affording Ben more time to focus on what matters

$0 to $200k In One Year


8+ years in pet industry, $0 equity in business


$200k+ revenue, a growing team, and 30%+ projected growth

“Blue Motivate helped me go from an employee to a successful business owner in less than a year. The clear framework they outlined gives me confidence in scaling my business and reaching even greater heights.”

Years Of Experience

We got our start helping social media influencers and brands grow their businesses. Increasing our clients’ viewership and impressions by 4x (4x revenue!) We took this success and applied it to traditional businesses ranging from mobility solutions to pet grooming services.

We Guarantee Increased Revenue In 12 Months

If we don’t increase your revenue in 12 months, you get your money back*

Focus On Relationships

We recognize the importance of fostering incredible relationships within the business world. We approach our work with long term relationships in mind. This not only allows us to do the best work for your company, but creates an amazing community-centered environment.

1. Analyze

Every great relationship starts with an analysis. We will spend time getting to know you, your staff, and the daily operations of your business. We'll take a look at your online presence, local presence, and your top performing metrics.

2. Plan

We will come up with a plan based on our analysis to increase revenue for your business. This could include: raising prices (you are undervaluing your worth), making processes more efficient, increasing your online presence, and implementing new ways to SELL (online, in store, marketing overhaul, etc.)

3. Execute

We provide a "done for you"/"done with you" model. We will use our expertise to complete tasks in accordance with our plan, but also educate you and your staff on how to carry out certain operations (customized SOPs included)

4. Refine

After the first round of marketing and operational adjustments, we analyze and refine the approach. Our goal is to make YOU a more educated and experienced business person while taking into account your personal goals (less time working, more time focusing on certain aspects of your business, etc.)

You Are In Good Hands

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